Curtis Woodlands Open Space Management Plan

An ERT review took place on April 18th, 2019 with two representatives from the Durham Conservation Commission with the purpose of developing a habitat based open space management plan for the Curtis Woodlands property. An ERT review was initially conducted in 2006 to provide a natural resources inventory of the Curtis Woodlands property. Some of the recommendations from the original report were implemented, but a comprehensive management plan was never developed. The Commission wants assistance to fully develop a management plans for other town open space parcels.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteer team members who were involved:

  • Brian Murphy
  • Todd Mervosh
  • Juliana Barrett
  • Rachel Schnabel
  • Edward Pawlak
  • Robert Butterworth
  • Torrance Downes
  • David Beers
  • Pat Bisacky
  • Jen Nadeau
  • Kip Kolesinskas
  • Jane Brawerman
  • Rick Huntley, Durham Conservation Commission
  • Josh Miller, Durham Conservation Commission
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