ERT Conducts Bloomfield Review

The CT ERT program is conducting a site visit for an upcoming ERT review in Bloomfield on the University of Hartford’s property north of their campus. The property is 138 acres with large areas of wetlands as well as FEMA regulated flood zones. A large tract of the land was previously zoned Planned Luxury Residential (PLR), but never developed.

The University has no specific plan for the property, and will benefit from this ERT process, which will help shape the discussion on what the best use of the property. The University of Hartford’s Campus Facilities Master Plan, published in Feb. 2000, reports that the University and the town of Bloomfield are working together to identify and develop a mutually beneficial land use for the property. The initial thinking for the approximately 140-acre site of developable land includes shared town-gown passive or active recreational and athletic facilities fields.

The Town of Bloomfield is particularly interested in establishing a connection to the University’s campus from the East Coast Greenway and in determining any economic development potential for the lands that front Cottage Grove Road and Tobey Road.

More updates to come.


The University of Hartford land in Bloomfield spans 138 acres.

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