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How To Request ERT Assistance?

The Application
1. Please select the correct application based on your need and it must be filled out completely. If you have questions please call the ERT office, incomplete forms may be cause for a denial or delay due to lack of information or time. The forms are available here on our website or by requesting a copy from the ERT Office.
2. A signed letter of permission from the landowner or authorized agent for the ERT to enter the property is necessary, as well as signatures from town official/agency/organization for the request and the follow-up survey. Please use the attached forms. The letter of permission should be attached to the request or sent soon after under separate cover. A review cannot take place without the letter of permission.
3. Please enclose a location map with the project boundaries outlined at a scale of 1”=2000’. Also provide a copy of the most recent plans/maps for the project.

The Decision
a. Is all the necessary information provided?
b. Can the ERT meet deadlines?
c. Is the request within the scope of ERT expertise?
d. Do the concerns cover more than one discipline?
e. Is the request from a town with little or no professional staff of its own?
ERT staff is available to answer any questions over the phone or meet with you personally concerning the request. The ERT staff can advise you, but the final decision rests with the ERT Subcommittee. You will be notified of all actions concerning your request.

The Next Step
After a review has been approved it is scheduled on a priority basis for a field review. The ERT
Is usually scheduled for a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and the field review begins at either 9:30 or 10:00 am and can take up to 6 hours depending on site size and complexity. Town official/agency/organization representatives are required to attend the meeting and field walk, as well as any consultants.

After the field review individual Team members prepare reports in their area of expertise and
submit them to the ERT coordinator. The coordinator then compiles a final report for submission to your town. Copies of the completed report will be given to your town/agency/organization and a copy will also be available in a PDF format on our web site (www.ctert.org).

The annual ERT survey form will be sent to your commission, it is important that you complete the survey and return it to us; it is the basis of our annual report written concerning ERT projects.