"A Unique Program To Assist in Environmentally Sound Decision-Making"  
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What Services Does The ERT Provide ?

The Environmental Review Team (ERT) Program has been in existence since 1969 and operates under the guidance of the Connecticut Resource Conservation and Development Area (RC&D).  The goal of the ERT is to meet the challenges of conservation and development through knowledge of the land, by providing assistance to local land use decision makers.  The ERT achieves this goal by providing assistance to all Connecticut municipalities and land trusts.  Proposals for conservation and preservation are reviewed by multidisciplinary environmental study teams and land use assistance is provided in sustainable decision making and implementation through grant assistance and expert referral and round table meetings.

The ERT is able to provide several services depending on the need. The options include a full ERT Team review with team members selected by the ERT coordinator based on concerns and type of project under review. For this reason it is important that the town/ agency/ organization present their concerns and questions in the ERT Review application form. Additionally, the ERT is able to provide technical assistance with grant writing for those who have already had an ERT to implement measures identified in the ERT, or expert referral or round table meeting for those who require it. For both of these services please complete the ERT Grant Assistance/Expert Referral Application. In order to best assist you with a project please call our office for guidance.