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What The ERT Can And Cannot Do

What the Team Can Do
The ERT can provide information about the physical characteristics of the property (i.e. geology, topography, soils, etc.), the biological characteristics of the property (wildlife, wetland functions, etc.) and the limitations and opportunities that these characteristics create. The specifics of the report depend upon the applicant concerns of the town officials, and the expertise available to the ERT at the time of the request. The Team can also review the plans, reports and supporting documentation submitted by the applicant. The final report contains recommendations to help improve the site or project.

What the Team Cannot Do
The ERT does not provide soil testing, water testing or other laboratory services. The ERT does not provide drainage calculations, detailed drainage plans, soil erosion and sedimentation control plans, wetland crossing plans or septic system designs. The ERT does not make final decisions for town officials or land owners, the reports are non-regulatory and public information. It is up to the requesting agency as to how they will use the information provided by the ERT.