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Past ERT News/Events

2011 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting was held on Monday June 13, 2011 from 11am-3pm @ Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, CT.

2011 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting, Fort Hill Farms, Thompson, CT


SNEC SWCS summer meeting which was held at the University of Connecticut. Speakers made presentations and there were tours of the Eagleville Brook Impervious Cover TMDL.  Additional information regarding the Eagleville Brook Impervious Cover TMDL can be found at: http://clear.uconn.edu/projects/tmdl/findings.htm Click on “Retrofit Sites & Recommendations” then click on “Eagleville TMDL Project Sites” to view an interactive map of all project area BMPs. Event Flyer (pdf)

Soil Health Workshop: The Healthy Soils workshop was held February 18, 2011 at the Lebanon Fire Complex in Lebanon, CT.  The workshop covered how Healthy Soils can reduce both cost and labor, while maintaining high productivity.  Guest speakers and specialistsgave presentations and demonstrations on how to incorporate  Healthy Soils management on your farmland.  For more information go to www.easternrcd-ct.org or call 860-774-8397 x 2. Soil Health Flyer (pdf)

Protecting Dark Skies in The Last Green Valley February 28, 2011 @ 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM Chaplin Fire Station. Co-Sponsored by Green Valley Institute & Eastern CT Resource Conservation & Development Area. Contact Susan Westa at 860-774-9600, ext. 24 or susan.westa@uconn.edu

2011 Annual RC&D Leadership Forum in Washington, DC. This Forum is presented by the National Association of RC&D Councils and is a good opportunity to learn more about tools that RC&D councils can use. For more information on the Leadership Forum, go to the NARC&DC Website at http://www.rcdnet.org

In many communities you can no longer see the stars at night.  Communities in The Last Green Valley struggle with how to keep the region's sky dark.  There are techniques and lighting alternatives that communities around the country are using to address this concern.
Come here what your town can do to protect TLGV's night sky.  Leo Smith, a member of the International Dark-Sky Association Board of Directors, will present a model ordinance and share lessons learned from other communities who are working to protect their nighttime skies. Flyer (pdf)

Forestry and Wildlife Habitat Workshops and Demonstrations on November 20, December 5, and December 11, 2010. This workshop series was sponsored by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with instruction by UCONN Cooperative Extension, Forestry. Invite Flyer (pdf)

SWCS - SNEC 2010 Winter Meeting will be held Friday December 17, 2010 at the UConn Bishop Center, Storrs, CT. For more information go to www.swcssnec.org

2010 New England RC&D Conference: "Feeding Ourselves, Fueling Ourselves" was held on October 28-30, 2010 Go to www.newenglandrcd.org for photos and information from the event.

2010 CIPWG Invasive Plant Symposium: On Thursday, October 14, 2010, the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group (CIPWG) held a symposium entitled Challenges and Successes: Working Cooperatively to Manage Invasive Plants at UConn .  More information is available at www.hort.uconn.edu/cipwg.  For additional information contact Donna Ellis at (860) 486-6448. The CT ERT Program was a co-sponsor and had a display at the event of 350+ attendees.

. CIPWG 2010

2010 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting: The 2010 Eastern Connecticut RC&D Annual Meeting was held on Monday June 21st, 2010 from 10:30am-3:00pm at Goodwin College-The River Campus in East Hartford, CT.  The agenda included: an RC&D business meeting, 2010 RC&D partnership awards, a presentation on Brownfields and the work that has been done at Goodwin College by Robert Carr of Zuvic Associates, An introduction to Goodwin's Environmental Program and a tour of the new campus by Bruce Morton, lunch, and the afternoon concluded with a cruise along the Connecticut River aboard the Hartford Belle with special guest Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni. You can find more details about at the Eastern CT RC&D Website at: www.easternrcd-ct.org

2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting
2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting 2010 Eastern CT RC&D Meeting


A Design Workshop with Randall Arendt: Reinventing the Commercial Strip & Creating New Mixed-Use Centers.On May 17th, 2010, a workshop at the Chaplin Firehouse was held. This was an excellent program with great examples from around the country of how other communities are addressing commercial growth issues and creating new villages. This program was co-sponsored by the Green Valley Institute and the CT Environmental Review Team. More information can be found at www.greenerprospects.com

Randall Arendt Workshop
Randall Arendt Workshop
Randall Arendt Workshop


Soil and Water Conservation Society Southern New England Chapter Winter Meeting Energizing the Rural Landscape—Renewable Power and Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Our Farms, Homes, and Communities - February 18, 2010 from 9:00am-3:30pm was held at Periwinkles Restaurant & Banquet Hall. 917 Southbridge St, Auburn MA 01501. Please visit their website for more information. www.swcssnec.org

Connecticut Environmental Review Team Program Recognition Brunch
On December 29th, 2009 the ERT was glad to recognize ERT Team Members who have provided 5 or more years of continuous service to the ERT Program at the Crowne Plaza Cromwell. Below are photos from the event.

ERT Award Brunch ERT Award Brunch
ERT Award Brunch J Sipperly J Guszkowski E Sych ERT Award Brunch
ERT Award Brunch B Murphy ERT Award Brunch J Victoria
ERT Award Brunch R Steinen ERT Award Brunch R Serra
ERT Award Brunch L Rousseau ERT Award Brunch S Raymond
ERT Award Brunch C Malik ERT Award Brunch A Levere
ERT Award Brunch A Kilpatrick ERT Award Brunch K Johnson
ERT Award Brunch S Hayden ERT Award Brunch S Lamagna
ERT Award Brunch R Blum ERT Award Brunch D Askew

2009 Eastern Connecticut RC&D Area Annual Meeting & 40th Anniversary Celebration of Eastern CT RC&D & CT Environmental Review Team Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated our 40th Anniversary of the Eastern CT RC&D and CT ERT at the Annual Meeting that was held this year at Heritage Trail Vineyard located in Lisbon, CT. We would like to thank Chef Harry for providing us with a great location at Heritage Trail Vineyard and a wonderful local gourmet grilled lunch as well as a nutritional food demonstration sponsored by the Watermelon Promotion Board. Also a big thanks to Linda Pitrowitcz from the CT Department of Agriculture who came and gave a great presentation on the Farm to Chef Program. Below are photos from the event.

2009 Eastern CT RC&D and CT ERT 40th Anniversary Celebration Heritage Trail Vineyard Lisbon, CT


Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources 2009
The Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources (CCNR) will be held on Monday March 9th in the Student Union on the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus. The ERT is glad to be a sponsor of the 3rd Conference that will bring together individuals working with natural resource and environment management in Connecticut to share research, information and ideas. The theme for this years conference is Many Resources One Environment. If you would like more informaiton on this event or to register go to their website at: www.ccnr.uconn.edu Also make sure to stop by at the ERT display booth. Event Brochure (pdf)


2008 New England Association of RC&D Annual Conference, Mystic CT 2008 New England RC&D Conference, Mystic, CT

Visit the 2008 New England RC&D Association Regional Fall Conference Webpage

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for South Branch Park River, Hartford, CT

South Branch Park River Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Hartford CT

For more information on the South Branch Park River Project go to Eastern CT RC&D Website.

2008 Eastern CT RC& Annual Meeting at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex, CT

2008 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting

2008 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting


South Branch Park River Groundbreaking Ceremony May 9, 2008

Greenway Journey Begins (Hartford Courant Article on the South Branch of the Park River Project)

South Branch Park River Ground Breaking Cermony

Speakers at the South Branch Park River Groundbreaking Ceremony, left: Gina McCarthy (CT DEP Commissioner), center: Eddie Perez (Hartford Mayor), right: John Guszkowski (Eastern CT RC&D Council President), beside John is Alan Green (Hartford Housing Authority)

South Branch Park River Trail Groundbreaking Ceremony
South Branch Park River Groundbreaking Ceremony

At last groundbreaking on the South Branch of the Park River Trail. Remember our 2000 ERT Report on the North and South Branches of the Park River. For more pictures and information visit our news/events page.


ERT Goes to Washington
Elaine and Amanda attended the February 2008 National RC&D DC Leadership Forum in Washington, DC. They also made visits to Capitol Hill to Connecticut Congressman and Senate Leaders letting them know about the importance of the RC&D and the ERT program. If you would like more information on this and other National RC&D Events checkout the National RC&D Website.

Washington DC ERT
Washington DC ERT
Elaine Sych Washington DC
Amanda Fargo-Johnson Washington DC
Washington DC ERT


New England Regional RC&D Meeting 2007:
The Annual New England Regional RC&D Meeting was held October 18-20, 2007 in Narragansett, RI. Below are some photos from the weekend. Next year the meeting will be hosted by Eastern CT RC&D, Area in Mystic, CT. Check back for more details. The 2008 New England RC&D Regional Meeting Flyer.

2007 NEARCD Conference

(Above from left to right: Amanda Fargo-Johnson and Elaine Sych stand alongside the Connecticut Environmental Review Team Display board which won and award for Outstanding Display, Turkey's on the Watson Farm in Jameston RI, Cows on the Dutra Farm in Jamestown RI with the Newport Bridge in the background, National RC&D President Sharon Ruggi along with John Guszkowski Eastern CT RC&D President, Gilbert Stuart birthplace, Amanda Fargo-Johnson, Elizabeth Rogers(Eastern CT RC&D), Norma O'Leary(Eastern CT RC&D), Rebecca Augur(Eastern CT RC&D), Elaine Sych, Mark Cummings(King's Mark CT RC&D), and James Sipperly(King's Mark CT RC&D) take time for a pose during the conference friday night dinner, Gilbert Stuart birthplace Gristmill, Sharon Ruggi and a pirate of the Narragansett, Elizabeth Rogers alongside the Eastern CT RC&D Display Board, A window in the Narragansett Towers, The Point Judith Lighthouse, and the Narragansett Towers, Sharon Ruggi and Elaine Sych.)

ERT Display Award

(The Connecticut ERT wins "Outstanding Display 2007 New England Association fo RC&D Areas") For more information on the New England RC&D Area Association visit them on the web at www.nearcd.org


Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting 2007:
The Eastern CT RC&D held it's Annual Meeting on June 25, 2007. There were over 30 people who attended the meeting at the Lebanon Historical Society Museum in Lebanon, CT. The business meeting was followed by presentation of awards, box lunch on the patio, self guided tour of the museum and then a tour of Graywall Farms(Farmer's Cow Dairy Farm) also located in Lebanon,CT. It was also nice to see DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy in attendance. See you next year!

AnnualMeetingGreeting GVIAward
Grace from the Lebanon Historical Society welcomes everyone.
John Guszkowski (Eastern CT RC&D Council President) presents Sue Westa and Paul Stahl with an award for the Green Valley Institute.
RC&DAnnualMeetingGroup AnnualMeetingLunch
Group Photo of those in attendance at the 2007 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting.
Everyone enjoying some lunch on a beautiful day.
GraywallCows GraywallFarmTour
A look at the "Cows that make the Milk" at Graywall Farms in Lebanon, CT.
Lincoln Chesmer of Graywall Farms giving everyone a tour of operations on the farm that he and his father Robin Chesmer own.


LULA Alumni Reunion:
Recently Elaine attended the Connecticut Land Use Leadership Alliance (LULA) Training Program Alumni Symposium held on June 14th at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford along with 40 other graduates of the program.LULA is a training program designed to put needed technical, planning, and process tools into the hands of local leaders to help create land use patterns that will determine the quality of life, economy, and environment of communities in Connecticut. The program focuses on land use law, consensus building and community decision-making with an emphasis on natural resource issues. There have been 5 LULA sessions held in Connecticut with about 120 community leaders completing the program.The LULA staff gave brief presentations and updates. Attorney Tiffany Zezula, Land Use Law Center Advisor from the Pace University School of Law gave an update on the LULA program and directed participants to the new official Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program website at www.landuseleaders.com.
Attorney Marjorie Shansky gave a legal update on land use techniques in Connecticut and their efficacy and she also discussed recent case studies in land use law. Bill Logue, the mediation/process specialist, discussed recent collaborations that have taken place in the region and Sean Nolan, the Director of the Land Use Law Center of Pace University offered his insights into the land use and collaborative successes of municipalities throughout the region. There was plenty of time for the graduates to ask questions and to network amongst themselves.For more information concerning the LULA program in Connecticut please go to www.easternrcd-ct.org. The Eastern Connecticut Resource Conservation and Development Area is the sponsor of the program, and the ERT Program has provided support.



Pictures, Point and Places:
Recently Elaine and Amanda had the opportunity to attend a workshop on GPS and photo intergration given by Uconn Extension in April 2007. They learned alot and look forward to using their new skills in future ERT Reports. Here are some photos from the class. If you would like more info about this or other classes available go to http://clear.uconn.edu/geospatial/training.htm


(Top left: Elaine Sych takes notes in the field, top right and bottom left: GPS class out in the field, bottom right: Amanda Johnson turns to take a photo while getting her GPS waypoint.)


CT Land Conservation Council Conference:
The ERT had a display table at the Connecticut Land Conservation Council which held their 24th Annual Conference on March 31, 2007 at Northeast Utilities offices in Berlin CT from 8:30 am to 4:30pm. This was an annual gathering of Connecticut's Land Trusts and Conservation Organizations. This year's keynote speaker was Robert M, Thorson who is a Gelogy Professor at the University of Connecticut. If you would like more information on them and their conference please checkout the website at:www.nature.org/wherewework/northamerica/states/connecticut.

NEARC Conference:
The 2006 NEARC (Northeast Arc User Group) Conference was held November 12- 15, 2006 at the Mystic Marriott in Groton, CT.  If you are interested and would like more information about this GIS Conference check out their website at: www.northeastarc.org


CACIWC’S 29th Annual Meeting and Environmental Conference:
The 2006 CACIWC (Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetland Commissions) Conference was held on Saturday November 4, 2006 at the Mountainside Resort in Wallingford, CT.  The ERT participated again this year and had an exhibit on display for this event.  If you are interested in learing more about CACIWC visit their website at http://www.caciwc.org


Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group Symposium:
The 2006 CIPWG was held on October 12, 2006 at the Mountainside Resort in Wallingford, CT.  The ERT was setup with a table exhibit for this event.  If you are interested in more information you can go to the CIPWG website at http://www.hort.uconn.edu/CIPWG/

ERT Display at the Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group Symposium

ips2 ips


2006 Eastern CT Tour des Farms:
The 2006 Eastern CT Tour was held Saturday September 23, 2006.  The Tour began and ended in Woodstock.  The Tour was held again in conjunction with the Celebrating Agriculture Fair at the Woodstock Fairgrounds.  Find more information go to their website www.tourdesfarms.org

2006 King's Mark Tour des Farms
The 2006 King's Mark Tour was held Saturday September 9, 2006.

2006 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting:
The 2006 annual meeting was held on Monday June 26 at 12:00pm at Gillette's Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT.  There was a business meeting, awards were given out followed by lunch.  Afterwards the group was given a tour of Gillette's Castle.

annualmeeting annualmeeting2
annualmeeting4 annualmeeting6


2005 CACIWC's Environmental Conference and Annual Meeting:
On Saturday November 5, 2005 The Connecticut Environmental Review Team participated in CACIWC's annual meeting and environmental conference.  The ERT had a display table set up, and also was a presenter in the conference.  Amanda gave a 40 min power point presentation to about 30 people who signed up for the workshop titled "Effectively using the CT Environmental Review Team Program."  It was a great day to correspond with commission members and the turn out was high.

ertconference ertconferencedisplay


Elaine's celebrates 20th Anniversary with the ERT:
On October 24, 2005 at the RC&D Council meeting a 20th Anniversary Party was held for Elaine Sych (ERT Coordinator).  Elaine started as the Eastern CT ERT Coordinator in April 1985.  In 1992 Elaine also assumed the role as the King's Mark ERT Coordinator.  Over the years Elaine has participated in approximately 350 ERT reviews. Congratulations Elaine!!!


Everyone on the council takes a moment to celebrate with Elaine


Elaine receives her service award from John(Council President)


2005 King’s Mark RC&D Annual Meeting:
The 29th annual meeting was held Saturday September 24, 2005 following the Tour des Farms, at the Hopkins Vineyard in New Preston, CT. 

2005 King's Mark Tour des Farms:
The annual tour was held Saturday, September 24, 2005 The ride began at 9am starting at Hopkins Vineyard located at 25 Hopkins Road New Preston, CT.  

2005 Eastern Connecticut Tour des Farms:
The annual tour was held Saturday, September 17, 2005.  The ride began at 9am starting at Fairvue Farm (located next to the Woodstock fairgrounds) 199 Route 169 Woodstock, CT.  This was the third Tour de Farms, with over 80 riders.  There were two available route options with local farms to visit and shop from along the way which included Woodstock Orchards, Woodstock Farm, Taylor Brook Winery, Trowbridge House B&B, We-Li-Kit Ice cream, Golden Lamb, and Lapsley Orchard.  After the ride, participants were able to attend the popular annual “Celebrating Agriculture” fair that was held next to the ride, at the Woodstock Fairgrounds. The Tour de Farms event was featured in the local Reminder newspaper this past week.  To read the article follow the link. Reminder Article on Tour de Farms

cookiestop margokip groupatstart ridersonroad startofrun twostopforpose

What is Tour des Farms?
The Connecticut Tour des Farms is a bike ride (not a race) that showcases local farms in Connecticut.  Eastern CT RC&D and King's Mark RC&D each host there own rides.  They each have two available routes, a 20 and 40 mile loop.  The routes lead you on a scenic tour of some of Connecticut's most beautiful and productive farmland with farm stops along the way.  Riders can purchase items along the way and the items with be marked and transported by volunteers back to the gathering spot.  The proceeds will go to support the RC&D program and the Working Lands Alliance.  The WLA is a coalition of farmers, land trusts, conservationists, and citizens working together to increase the State's commitment towards farmland protection.

2005 Eastern CT RC&D Annual Meeting:
The Annual Meeting was held on June 27, 2005 at Roseland Park in Woodstock, CT.  Thanks to Liz and Diana at the RC&D office for making all the arrangements.  A good time was had by all!

annualpicforweb annualmeetingforweb3