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Connecticut ERT Team Members
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The Connecticut Environmental Review Teams (ERT) assists municipalities and land trusts, at no cost, in the review of projects with an emphasis on open space, natural resource and agricultural planning, by coordinating a group of environmental professionals drawn from a variety of federal, state, regional and local agencies and consultants to form multidisciplinary environmental study teams.

ERT Team Members ERT Team Members

*** The ERT is currently seeking new ERT Team Members***

The Environmental Review Team (ERT) is a program of the Connecticut Resource Conservation & Development Area (RC&D) which is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The CT ERT Program has been in existence for 45 years. The program provides valuable, non-regulatory natural resource/planning information to municipalities and Connecticut land trusts, at no cost, in advance of making informed land-use decisions. Since its inception the ERT program has relied on a team of federal, state and regional professionals and other volunteers that conduct an environmental assessment of a proposed project or natural resource inventory.

Because of recent funding and state priority issues, we have re-focused our efforts and assistance we provide to municipalities and land trusts. To address current issues and needs in land use management we are changing and updating our valuable technical services.

While the CT ERT program will continue to offer cost free services to Connecticut’s municipalities, it is no longer feasible to rely solely on volunteer team members from the Connecticut DEEP. As an alternative we are seeking environmental professionals from academia, retirees, other state and local organizations, and the private sector to supplement our pool of federal, state and regional partners. We need individuals willing to act as team members with expertise in the areas of natural resource management, open space preservation and agriculture interested in participating in this unique and valuable service. Other areas of experience being sought include: ecology, soils, forestry, geology, fisheries, trails/greenways, invasive plant species, planning, energy, recreation, transportation, wetlands, watercourses, lake and watershed management and wildlife.

The benefits of participating with the ERT provide the opportunity to help conserve, improve and maintain Connecticut’s resources and the environment. Working for a unique and valuable service also provides the opening for corporate social responsibility, networking, partnering, work-based learning for students, and enhancing academic and career interests. The Corporation for National and Community Service has found that engaging in work with non-profits has been found to increase creativity, problem solving abilities and leadership skills.

As a team member you will be required to participate in a field review and submit a written report on your observations and evaluations of the proposal being considered. A timeframe will be set for completing and submitting your written report. To understand the process and see the final product of an ERT you can access our website www.ctert.org.

For those of you who can participate as part of your employment and/or want to volunteer we are able to offer a small stipend and gas allowance per review for volunteers (up to $500 per year). Additionally we are requesting proposals from independent contractors on a per review basis.

Thank you for considering becoming a CT ERT Team member. There is a short form to fill out ERT Team Member Application Form (pdf). Please complete the form whether or not you are interested as this information will assist us in our goal of augmenting team members.

If you have questions, please contact Jeanne Davies @ 860-345-3977 or by emailing jdavies@ctrcd.org.